Daniel Blue Family Tree of Scotland.

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Daniel Blue was born 24 Dec 1849 in Cambuslang, Scotland to Daniel Blue and Elizabeth Stevenson of Scotland. Daniel Blue Married Margaret Barr of Scotland. Together Daniel and Margaret had a family of 5 children.

The parents, wife and children of Daniel Blue.



  • Margaret Barr

Children of Daniel Blue and Margaret Barr:

  1. Elizabeth Blue 1870 - 1948
  2. Margaret Blue 1872 - 1948
  3. Agnes Blue 1874 - 1901
  4. Daniel Blue 1878
  5. William Blue 1880

Daniel Blue family tree of Cambuslang, Scotland.

      John Blue 1745
    John Blue 1768  
      Mary McDonald 1750?
  James Blue 1795    
    Ann Anderson 1770  
Daniel Blue      
    William Martin 1730  
  Mary Martin 1795    
      William Davies 1730
    Jean Davies 1767  
      Janet Gillies 1735
   Daniel Blue
    Married: Margaret Barr      
  John Stevenson    
Elizabeth Stevenson      
  Isabella Graham 1781    



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Daniel Blue family
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